Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thing have changed so much over the years when it comes to Thanksgiving day. I have a large family and when we all get together there is NEVER a dull moment but this year only 4 of us daughters made it to my mom and dads for Thanksgiving dinner. On top of that we had our good friends and their oldest sons family join us.

The morning started with the annual 5K Turkey Trot! I sat with the kids while Matt and my sister ran. My parents, niece and other sister walked it and Logan decided to walk with them. Matt and my sister had a blast running it together and did it in right around 26 minutes. After they were done they went back and found Logan and had him run with them to the finish. Logan LOVED this. He is always talking about running with his daddy so he was very excited! Here are some pictures from the Turkey Trot.

After the Turkey Trot we all heading back to my parents. My mom made some breakfast casseroles the night before to throw in the oven for brunch. From there the cooking started! Everyone arrived around 3pm and we sat down to eat shortly after. It was so nice to visit with everyone and catch up. Matt and I headed out about 7pm because I was meeting up with a friend to go black Friday shopping!

I can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone. Can't wait to get together with everyone in a few weeks for Christmas! :)

Here is our family picture from Thanksgiving day!

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Jeri Kleiber said...

Great Family Picture!!!!