Friday, November 4, 2011

What is a mom without energy?!

I am not sure the answer to this question is a good one. My poor house is proof of that. So what do you do if you are lacking in the energy department when you are the one that is suppose to get everything done?! I am struggling to find the answer this week. I thought about writing myself a list of things to be done but just the thought of the list overwhelms me. I can lay and think about what I am going to get done the next day before I go to sleep at night but when the morning comes it a whole different story.

I have managed to cook dinner Tues, Wed, Thursday and tonight so that is a big plus. I also managed to vacuum, dust and clean the kitchen floors this week so I guess the week was not a total bust, right?!

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Jeri Kleiber said...

I think there are so many of us out there that feel this way. I will lay in bed at night and convince myself that I am going to get up the next day and clean this house from top to bottom. It never happens. Coffee and Energy Pills no longer work for me so i think I'm doomed!!!!! My husband seems to think that I'm the only wife out there that has this problem!