Monday, November 7, 2011

Who's ready to get Primal?!?!

Saturday was the Primal Mud Run. It was 47 degrees and Matt was dressed in shorts and a sleeveless shirt and ready to run! We got there about an hour early and got to look around at some of the course obstacles. Instead of bib numbers, like at other races, they put their numbers either on their cheek or forehead. They were scheduled to start their run at 1pm but the start line was LONG so they didn't start until 1:40pm.
They started the run with a wall climb. Matt made it over on the first try! Then it was onto the tires. They had to flip them up the hill 4 times then back down 4 times before moving onto the net wall. Up and over he went making it look so easy! ;) From that point we couldn't see the next obstacle where they had to carry a 40lb sand bag on their shoulder and walk through a creek that was a little more then knee deep. Then we saw them run by, heading for the pond where they had to swim under barrels in the freezing cold water. That was about 50 yards across. Matt said that it was SO cold that afterward, he had a hard time breathing. After that, we didn't get to see them do anymore obstacles, like the giant slip'n'slide or the monkey bars, until the end when they came to the mud pit.
It wouldn't be a "mud" run if Matt didn't get covered in mud. Some people were just walking through the pit and others were walking along the edge trying not to get really muddy. Well not Matt.  The wall that everyone else stepped over, Matt flipped over it and landed flat on his back in the mud!  From there, he crawled underneath the barbwire and through the mud on his hands and knees. Loving every minute of it!

The kids had a great time as well. They enjoyed watching their daddy's do the obstacles and also running around playing together while we were waiting.

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A. E. said...

Looks like fun :)