Monday, December 26, 2011

What a FABULOUS Christmas weekend we had!

Saturday we went to my parents for gifts and hanging out. Then while my parents headed to church, we made a stop at a good friends house for a little while. Our dinner reservations were at 7pm and boy, was it yummy! There were a total of 13 of us at dinner and that was not all of us. Three of my sisters and their families couldn't make it. Here are a few pictures from dinner!

After, dinner we headed home to get the cookies and milk out for Santa and put the little people to bed! Matt and I had a LOT of wrapping to do once they were asleep, which thankfully didn't take long after the busy, fun day we had!

Christmas morning the kids woke us up at 7:15am. It is getting earlier and earlier each year! Here are some pictures of the kids unwrapping their gifts!

My parents come over that morning and we all went to IHOP for breakfast then we came home and the kids played with their toys all day. My parents came back over that evening for dinner. I made Prime Rib (oh man it was so so good), twice baked potatoes and broccoli! We ate so much food this weekend I think I am good for a week! hahaha

Hope everyone had a great holiday!! I know we sure did!! :)

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