Friday, February 10, 2012

Crazy Cravings!

I have been pregnant for 10 weeks and 6 days, and I haven't had any crazy cravings. Well, that was until yesterday! We went to Vinny's for dinner and I got a pickle with my meal and oh boy was it delish! I had to run an errand after dinner so Matt headed home (he was in his work truck). One my way home after my errand, I got a text from him with this picture...

Yep, Slim Jim's and pickles. That is what is hitting the spot right now. I say it is what Bean is craving. I couldn't wait to get home, haha! I am also living off Jolly Ranchers these days. For some reason the tartness help with the morning sickness!

It's crazy and you might want to sit down for this part if you are not already, but the one thing that I have NO desire to eat anymore is....CHIPOTLE! I know, I know, it is crazy! I was a Chipotle addict (if there was such a thing). I am not sure why but it has been about a month since I last ate it and that is a big deal for me. I use to eat it once a week and sometime more. I keep saying I am just going to get it and I am sure it will be fine but I can't even bring myself to go there. That is the only thing at this point that I use to eat that I can't now.

My morning sickness is getting better but it is definitely still there. I can't wait till I am back to my normal self and can start cooking dinner again because eating out every night for dinner is taking a toll on the checkbook, haha!