Friday, February 17, 2012

Just me rambling...

Yesterday was a rough day. I threw up for the first time with this pregnancy and just felt off all day (YAY, for being 12 weeks tomorrow). Today has been better so far and I am so thankful because we have to go out tonight and do some shopping so fingers cross I continue to feel OK. We have so much to get done before we pick up Logan's new bedroom furniture (which is in already, btw).

We need groceries really bad so there is not much to chose from for lunch. I am getting tired of PB&J, so this is want I came up with for lunch.
I ate about three quarters of it and was done. I did finish the water though. I have really been good about drinking my water these passed few week. Our garage is full of empty gallon jugs of Deer Park water. Ever since they replaced the pump in our well when our water went out, the water smells and taste like dirt. So, one dollar gallon jug of Deer Park it is!

Here is a cute picture I wanted to throw in here. I went upstairs to take a shower and left her watching TV on the couch and this is what I saw when I came back down after my shower. Gosh, I love this little girl! <3

My Logan! What are we going to do with this boy. He is so dang smart but just can't keep that little cute mouth of his shut at school. He had a test on China on Tuesday that we DID NOT study for even once because I never saw a study guide come home. I think they came home one of the two days he was out sick. Anyways, I was so nervous about this test because I didn't know about it until the night before and again, we had NO study guide. Well, he goes to school on Tuesday and gets an "E". I mean the kid is paying attention to some degree or he would not have done so good on the test, RIGHT?! Yesterday I made him spend the afternoon in his room then come down for dinner then go back to his room and read, then shower. Once all that was done it was 8:15pm and bedtime. So, we will see his that boring afternoon and evening will makes him have a better day today. I will keep you posted.

OK, that is it! Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)


melanie said...

mmm, mac and cheese! I ate like 100 boxes of that when I was pregnant with Shelby and I could still eat it every day!

Hope your m/s goes away very soon {like tomorrow}!!!