Wednesday, February 15, 2012

making room for baby

We have decided to move Logan to the playroom and make his room the nursery. He is very excited about it! I am a little nervous because that room seems far away (it's really just at the end of the hall). It is the biggest room in the house because it is over the garage. We went a few weeks ago and bought him a bedroom suite. The poor guy was not feel well when we went so he was not that into looking but now he is always asking when his new bed is coming! I have plans for paint and some other decor but I need to find a bedding I like that is now childish but not for a teens room. Here is the stuff we bought him!

There is a dormer in that room so I want to paint the inside of it a dark grey but again want to find a bed set to go with that color first. We have started looking at crib and bedding for the nursery and I will post about that in a few weeks. I want to get Logan's room all done before we tackle the nursery!


Ashley Jenkins said...

Thank goodness you guys got a 4 room house ;)