Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter weekend!

Our weekend started off very early Saturday with Matt running a 5K. He ran it with my sister. My parent and Logan walked it. Abby and I cheered them on from the sidelines! It was VERY cold that morning but I LOVE going to support Matt when he runs. After that it was errands and then home to relax, do laundry and make a few dishes for Easter at my parents.

Sunday started off early as well with the kids waking us up at 7am. They LOVED their baskets and of course wanted to start eating candy right then but we made them wait until after their breakfast. As soon as Logan took the last bite of his pancakes he was asking for candy, haha! We all got ready and headed to my parents around 11am.

We had an Easter Egg Hunt and boy did they found some eggs. I think there was around 500 eggs in my parents yard for 5 kids to can do the math! The adults (mostly the guys) played latter ball and corn hole while us ladies did lots of chatting. After the egg hunt we ate and ate and ate. For dessert there was AMAZING banana pudding and a cake from the lady that makes all of our cakes. All the food was so yummy!

Here are pictures from the day...

I love these two so MUCH! :)