Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

Saturday didn't start off as planned but it was still a great day. Breakfast at Cracker Barrel (YUM), hair cut (more of a trim) for mommy, a little shopping at the mall, strawberry picking then dinner and ice cream with great friends. The kids enjoyed all but the mall part, haha! They had a great time picking strawberries and when we got home they were falling out of the car to ride their bikes. I just love watching how well they play together. Yes, of course they have their fights but 90% of the time they have so much fun together!

Sunday, was a LAZY do nothing (well, except laundry) kind of day which was prefect because it rained all day.

Here are some pictures from our Saturday!

A little baby Lucas' update!

I am 21 weeks now...SAY WHAT!! I can't believe we are more then half way there. The weeks are flying by. I have my next appt a week from today and we will find out the results of the anatomy scan. I know from what we saw on the screen, he is measuring big but getting the fact from the doctor will be nice. He is such an active little guy and I love it. When Abby feels him move and kick she will talk to him and say "Lucas this is your big sister Abby and I love you". Logan gets the most precious smile on his face when he feels him move. Matt has been talking to him in a Darth Varder voice saying "Lucas this is your daddy", haha! I told him Lucas is going to think that is how he really talks if he doesn't stop! On Friday evening I got a video (excuse the horrible stretch marks) of him kicking and moving. It took a while because as soon as I turned on the video he would stop moving, little stinker. It is great to have that video to look at and I am hoping I will get another one before he is here.

We have decided to go the cloth diapering route with him. With one income now I feel like this is me doing my part to help. I have a great group of ladies that are CDing currently that can answer my questions. You ladies know who you are and a big THANK YOU in advance! I will touch more on that later in a separate blog post.

Yesterday a friend (Thanks Ashley) told me about someone with a car seat that is in awesome shape and only a year old. I am going to pick it up today. They are moving overseas with the military and are sell all their baby stuff from their twins that are a little over a year old. I am so excited about this find because it is the brand I wanted and only $50...SCORE! I have been looking at snap n go strollers and found one on Craigslist for only $30, again...SCORE! I love finding good deals. Once we have the car seat I feel like we will be ready for him. Not that I want him to come yet because it is still way to early but at least the major purchases, the crib and car seat, are done.

Here is a picture of the car seat, it is a Chicco KeyFit 30...

Happy Monday Everyone!!


Mia said...

I have TONS of baby stuff. We are done, my baby-making shop is closed. :) so if you need anything - clothes, etc. let me know!