Friday, May 11, 2012

Pregnancy update and a hospital trip ~ 24 weeks

I know I am a day early with this post but it is going to be one busy weekend so I thought I would post it today!

 How far along? 24 weeks ~ We have reach V-Day!!!

24 weeks marks VIABILITY! That means if Lucas was born now the doctors would do anything and everything to help him survive. As of this week he would have a 50% chance of survival and that percentage goes up every day that he stays inside me!!

Total weight gain/loss: 18-20 pounds gained depending on the day.

Stretch marks? just the ones from Logan, no new ones!

Sleep: A whole lot of tossing and turn which is not an easy task these days!

Best moment in the last 2 weeks: Getting to see our little guy again today! I will post picture of the little guy if I get a chance tonight!

Movement: YES! He is a very active little boy and I LOVE it!

Food cravings: Reese Puff's cereal!!

Gender: still a BOY...Lucas Parker Wuethrich!!

Labor Signs: Nope...I am still having Braxton Hicks contractions everyday!

Belly Button in or out? In but getting flatter!

What I miss: Being able to go up the stairs without losing my breath!

What I am looking forward to: getting to use all these cloth diapers I have been buying!!

Weekly Wisdom: Lucas is about 12 inch and weighs about 1.38 lbs!

I also wanted to share that yesterday we went to L&D for a few hours because I was having some contractions and they wanted to make sure I was not dilating. They ran some test and all came back fine, meaning the contractions were not making me go into labor (YAY!) but why was I having these contractions?! I was given 2 bags of fluid and was still have these contractions every 2-3 minutes with some smaller ones every minute. So they gave me a shot in my arm, which hurt like HELL and made my heart race and made me VERY shaky. They watched me for 20 minutes, but after about ten minutes the contractions started again so they gave me one more shot of that same medicine and that did the trick. I am so happy I went in because I knew I was having them, but just didn't realize how many I was having. I was also informed when I was there I had high amounts of sugar in my urine. I am going for my glucose test on Monday now instead of in two week. Keeping my fingers crossed it comes back fine and yesterday was just a fluke.

I am just thankful that my little guy is happy, healthy and safe in his "home" for another 15 weeks