Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Rewind ~ Memorial Day

We had a wonderful busy 3 day weekend. Saturday we got lots of much need yard work done then Logan had baseball practice. He tried out being the catcher and was pretty good at it. He is excited to do it again during a game. His games start this weekend! Sunday we took the kids fishing. It was Abby's first time and I was not sure how she would do but she LOVED it. I, of course, didn't fish but had a great time watching them and all their excitement. The fish were biting like crazy but only Logan was able to catch one before it swam off with the bait (laughing at us I am sure). The kids didn't care one bit, they had a blast and that is all that mattered! Below are some photos of our fishing trip. Monday we had planned to go to Lake Anna State Park to the little beach they have there but it was VERY crowded so we took the kids bowling instead. It was cooler and the kids still had fun. We ended our weekend with a delicious cookout at home and some super sweet and juicy watermelon.

I love long weekends full of fun!!!