Monday, July 30, 2012

Bucket List

So I have been working on this list for a few days and I have come to the conclusion I am a fuddy dud! I have no dreams to travel over seas or sky dive! My list is lame and I know it but I will share with you guys anyways. Just no making fun of the lameness that reeks from this post!

Here we go...
  • Go on a weekend getaway with my hubby in January for our 10 year wedding anniversary (seeing as how we never had a honeymoon or heck weekend away alone period).
  • Take all THREE kids to the Outer Banks next summer.
  • Nurse Lucas for at least 8 months.
  • Get another tattoo.
  • Take a cooking class.
  • Buy a sewing machine and learn to sew.
  • Take more pictures with my DSLR camera.
  • Get to the gym 3 times a week (after Lucas is born of course).
  • Make one NEW recipe a week.
  • Take a day trip with the kids at least once a month.
If I think of anything else I will come back and add it! 

List made on 7/29/2012


The Suttons said...

I love these! Let's go get tattoos together. I've never gotten one before, so I need someone to hold my hand :)

Mallory said...

Going away with your hubby is a must. I need to make a bucket list because I turn 29 next month and I'm pretty sure I haven't accomplished as much as I wanted to by the time I hit 30.