Thursday, July 19, 2012

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another sneak peak...Lucas' new crib!
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Cooking nothing...ever since Matt worked all those hours for the storm, I have been totally slacking in the cooking department. I am trying to get back to cooking dinner at least 5 nights but eating out or having Matt pick something up on his way home is so much easier. haha I am going grocery shopping today so I won't be able to use the "we have nothing to cook" excuse anymore. Bummer!

Making a BABY! OK, that was pretty cheesy but also very true. This little boy is "baking" away in my belly and in 5 weeks (or less if I am lucky) he will be in our arms. I love all the saying out there like "I grow humans, what is your super power"! It takes a lot of work to grow a little person.

Working on a plan for the master bedroom. Now that Lucas' room is just about done. I am trying to focus on getting new bedding for our room. Matt agreed to the gray and yellow but I just can't go too flowery. I have an image in my head of what I want but finding it is the hard part. I want to pick out the bedding and piece it together from there. There is one at Kohl's I have been looking at online but can't decide. I will post a sneak peek of the bedding when I finally pick one out.

Reading nothing at the moment. I have been wanting to get into a good book but time has not been on my side. Maybe after the kids are in school and Lucas' is here. Maybe!

Listening to Logan play the Wii at this very moment. He has a wrestling game he loves that he got for Christmas. It is actually funny to watch him play it because he has a funny little "dance" he does when he is wrestling someone. Matt recorded it a while back and it was hilarious to watch, although Logan didn't think so!

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