Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Confessions ~ v6

It's Sunday Confession time!! Lets get this going...

Confession #1
I have to admit I am kinda superstitious or maybe I just do reverse psychology on myself. They always say people never think anything bad can happen to them, so if I just think it will then it won't, right?! Matt says I just over think things, haha!

Confession #2
I get VERY angry watching football. I tell Matt I am going to stop watching every week and then the next Sunday comes and I am right there watching again (like right now...GRRR)!

Confession #3
In exactly 5 months I will celebrate my 1 year anniversary of being 29 years old!

Confession #4
I watched a whole season of One Tree Hill in 2 days. Why oh why does it have to be so good. I am not sure what I will do when I am done. Anyone have any other good shows you watch?! I prefer ones that are on Netflix so I don't have to watch annoying commercials.

Confession #5
I can't stop taking pictures of my little guy. Logan and Abby are at school or off playing so I don't take as many of them but poor Lucas is stuck getting his picture taken all the time. I need to take more with my good camera because my iPhone is getting pretty full. 

Happy Sunday my fellow bloggers and readers!


Erin Celeste said...

I really don't understand the football obsession at all! Quite a few people have posted about it in their confessions and its like a foreign language to me, all I know is that it seems to cause a lot of frustration and near heart attacks :P

Ah well..if you enjoy it!

Alyx said...

Pahahaha, I get in trouble all the time for screaming at the tv during football games. I think Mike will probably just eventually ban me from watching when he's trying to study. he's already told me like, 5 times to be a little quieter.

Thanks for linking up, sorry I'm just now visiting.