Thursday, November 1, 2012

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Loving the fall weather! I am so thankful it is not 100 degree outside anymore. I love the colors of the trees when I am driving down the road to my house. One nice thing about living in the country!

Looking at the Sock Monkey line at Crazy 8...can you say C-U-T-E! I must get Lucas the hat for this winter. I might just go by there today and get it.

Cooking lots of muffins. I can't get enough pumpkin and bananas muffins. The first batch of pumpkin muffin we all ate but I swear I ate the whole second batch by myself...NOT GOOD! haha

Catching up on TV shows. We are so behind on all our shows that I try to watch a few during the day. There are a few that I can't watch with out Matt (SOA, Criminal Minds, Mike and Molly) so we will have to catch up on those this weekend.

Missing my hubby! This storm was not as bad as some but he has still been working a lot this week and when he gets home it is time for bed so we don't get to talk much.

[Next week's themes: anticipating, buying, needing, thinking, ignoring]

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elise said...

new[est] follower. loved this post, and loving your blog! can't wait to keep following along!

stop by sometime!