Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Confessions ~ v8

It's confession time...
Confession #1
I am not ready for Lucas to move into his room. He is over the weight and age limit on the bassinet so I don't have much of a choice. *sad face* His new video monitor will be here this week and then we will made the transition!

Confession #2
I went to Target the other day and forgot half of what I went there for but yet still spent $80. Ugh, Target you are so dangerous!

Confession #3
I went a little crazy on eBay this week. I placed bids on a bunch of stuff but only won a few of them. I guess it was for the best. Bidding is so addicting!

Confession #4
Matt and I makes some super cute babies! Just saying! ;)

Happy Sunday everyone!


lissa said...

I've never been to a target so I don't really know what it's like but I imagine any kind of shopping can be addicting if the price isn't so high.

thanks for sharing your confessions, have a great day.

elise said...

oh how I have a love hate relationship with target...every single time I go!

Alyx said...

Ahhh Target. I love that place, which is why I try to avoid it.

Such a cute little guy, I'm sure he'll do great in his crib!

Thanks for linking up last week, Krystle.

Zanna said...

nice blog.
Can we follow each other?
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