Monday, January 21, 2013

Social Media Pet Peeves

Doing my first link up with Paige at A Dose of Paige for a little vent on social media.

I only a have a few pet peeves but they drive me nuts...
  • people who get all political on FB. I mean I understand you have the right to your opinion but day after day gets a bit old.
  • those friends that always give you advice even though your post was not asking for it. 
  • when Bloggers with a lot of followers treat us newbies feel like we are not on the same wave link. Come on now guys, you started out here too!
  • when someone follows your blog just to enter a giveaway then unfollows after the giveaway is over and they didn't win. Totally uncool!
I am sure if I sat here all day I could come up with more but those are the ones that are on my mind so they must be the most important ones, right?! 

I leave you to have a great week with this picture of my three sweeties! :)


Jen said...

All of those things drive me crazy too! Especially the political rants on FB.

Kristin said...

I always feel like that last one is going to happen to me after I do a giveaway because it did once last summer.
Geez, I was gonna get political tomorrow because, instead of my precious Today Show, the inauguration was on this morning lol.

Kristin :)

Paige said...

Thank you so much for linking up! I agree with all of these...except the politics one! I didn't do it day in and day out during the election, but the nights of the debates, I definitely tweeted to my heart's content (although I didn't personally attack anyone-that's what drives me nuts!). Oops! lol

Ashley from The Kitchen-Sink Chronicles said...

I'm very guilty of getting all political... oops.

beckyj @ A Lazy Crazy Life said...

Dude. Yes. I thought (hoped!) the politics would subside after the election...but no such luck apparently.