Thursday, March 28, 2013

Currently ~ v10


Feeling ~ lazy...I am not sure what the deal is. I always thought when you ate good and worked out you are suppose to feel more energized but I'm not. Today is workout day and my leg are sore but I don't want to skip my workout all together so I am going to just walk today and not do intervals. Something is better then nothing, right!?

Imagining ~ being at the beach this summer! I can't wait to just kick back and relax for a week. I am not really a fan of the sand so most of my relaxing will be by the pool at the house. I will go down to the beach for the kids each day but it just won't be very relaxing.

Considering ~ what color to paint the our bedroom. It is still plain white and it's driving me nuts! I am thinking a medium shade of gray. I still like the yellow and gray scheme but yellow is not an option. Once we get it painted then I can work on putting yellow accents in room. Like the curtains and decorative pillows on the bed. The ideas in my head are endless!

Listening to ~ Disney Jr...surprise surprise!! Lucas loves some Mickey Mouse which is actually on as I am typing this!

Moving ~ nothing yet, but next week we are going to be cleaning out the kids rooms while they are in Disney. The Goodwill is going to love me. These two kiddos have way to many toys that they don't even play with. I will save some stuff for Lucas but obviously not the girl stuff. This is long over due and I am actually excited to do it. I'm such a weirdo, ha!


I leave you with this cute face...


Anonymous said...

I am SO with you on imagining I was at the beach right now. Should I really still be wearing my heavy North Face this time of year?!

Jen said...

The beach sounds so good right now!! Haha. lets go! :)

Ashley {Horseshoes and Pearls} said...

Yes! The beach sounds fantastic right about now!

And that face?? How precious!! <3

xo, Ashley

Karen Dawkins said...

I love the beach but not the sand. Totally makes sense! AND I eat well and exercise and am exhausted from it. Not sure what that's all about, but maybe it takes a long time to get the energy.

Anonymous said...

ha ha listening to Disney jr..I can definitely relate!!!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
I am ready for the beach now!!

OT and ET said...

Oooh, "moving" stuff out of the house is my absolute favorite thing! I think I love getting rid of things more than I love getting things!

heidi said...

ohhhh, I know what you mean about feeling lazy. I'm having to make myself do so many things today. And I'm not getting done everything I wanted to.

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