Monday, May 6, 2013

Lucas Parker ~ 9 month update!

I waited to post this so I could have his 9 months stats from his check up this morning. So technically he is 9m and 5 days old but all the pictures at the bottom are from last Thursday when he was exactly 9 months. He is 22 lbs 12 oz (82%) and 30in (93%) long. He still only has one tooth but the second one is right there about to pop through any day. He gets around by kind of army crawling but mainly rolling. He gets his knees under him sometimes but hasn't figure out how to push up with his arms at the same time so he just looks cute with his little tush in the air, haha! He is in mostly 18 month clothes and getting ready to go into size 4 diapers. This kid LOVES food! I bought some GoGoSqueeze a few weeks ago and he is a big fan of them. He will down two of them in no time. The apple banana is his favorite with apple cinnamon running a close second. They are a little pricey but great for when we are out and about, plus I love that they are all natural with no added things I can't pronounce. Score!
He sleeps great at night (9pm-8am) and up until last week would only nap in our bed during the day but has been going down great in his crib now. I am sad and miss our snuggle time twice a day but I knew that wouldn't last forever since he loves to roll and will be crawling soon. I don't need a repeat of Logan's first Easter (he woke up from a nap, crawled off my parents bed and broke his arm).We haven't lowered his bed yet since he is not crawling or pulling up yet but I am sure that is coming soon.

He likes to give kisses now.  You know the ones! That little toothless mouth gaped wide open.  He likes when you make kissy noises in his open mouth.  If you're not careful, he'll stick his tongue out and slobber all over your mouth, chin, nose, or whatever he can get a hold of! If you are able to turn away, he'll kiss/suck on your cheek for as long as you let him!  I hope he grows out of that. About 15 years from now, his girlfriend might not be such a fan! Haha! I kid!

His hair is getting thicker but has not started to curl like Logan and Abby's yet. If he has straight hair I am going to be shocked because Matt and I both have wavy/curly hair. His eyes are looking blue these days which is funny because, Logan has brown like Matt, Abby has mix of both of ours (kinda green) and if Lucas ends up with blue we will have 3 kids with 3 different eye colors! WEIRD! I am not complaining though because as much as I wanted him to have brown like Matt and Logan (my 3 brown eyed boys), I am even more excited for him to have blue like me!

He is not a fan of sitting still so this is all I got this month. Obviously, in the first one he was ready to eat the monkey! haha


Jessica said...

He's so cute and getting so big!

Quinn said...

What is that necklace that he's wearing? I've seen other kids wearing them around where I live & I've always been curious about what they were.

PS. He is totally cute!. I love this stage of babyhood :)

Becca May said...

Oh my gosh I just love those sweet baby TOES!!!!

Kendra Williams said...

He is just too adorable! Mine just turned nine months on the 22nd and I love those sloppy kisses.