Friday, June 21, 2013

Signing off for a WEEK!!!!!

The House!!!
The time has come to start packing for our vacation. I am not a pack for a week person so I will be doing it today and tomorrow. I can't wait to be there already! We have not gone on a family vacation since Disney 2 yrs ago so this is long over due. We are boarding Brodie at a kennel by our house and I am sure he is going to have a blast playing with all the other dogs. Maybe even so much he will not want to leave, haha!

I have a few guest bloggers lined up for next week and A Hump Day Hop will still be live and humpin on Tuesday! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and I will share all the fun detail from our trip the week we get back! Oh and I will definitely be posting on Instagram so make sure to follow along on there if you aren't already!
Porch view
I leave you with this cute poem my mom made up...

The Family Vacation
Our first big family vacation, it will be divine
Mom found us a dream house, a so-called Simply “Paradise”

The grandkids are so excited, their parents are ready to breakaway
Everyone is counting the days until we are on the way

This vacation is sure to be a hit for all I am convinced
Dad is so ready to fish

As our family has grown, things change
It can’t be helped, not really strange

Because memories are priceless, we’ll soon not forget 
time spent in the sand, ocean, pool, hot tub, and the sunsets

A picture is a must on the beach at OBX
So we can remember our fun and how we were blessed

It’s with sadness that I write that not all can attend
But it will surely open up a new door or a new family trend

As long as your hearts, love for your family, and your thoughts don’t scatter
Where you go on vacation really doesn’t matter

Beach, mountains, wherever, one really shouldn’t mind
As long as you’re together, the time spent can be sublime

Oh, likely there will be gripes, moans, & arguments; it’s part of the quest
But I am so glad we planned this, it will be the best

I hope this family vacation idea won't end
As grandchildren grow up and add to our family blend

If our good fortune continues we’ll be part of what’s next
In the knowledge that our time together is a gift not a test


Kate said...

Cute Poem! Your mom did a good job!
And that view looks pretty amazing! Have a super fun week!

Melanie said...

that house.....ahhhhh, so jealous!

Jen said...

Have so much fun!! :)