Monday, June 24, 2013

Vacation Guest Post #1

While I am relaxing with my 4 loves for a much needed vacation at the beach (jealous!? haha), I have an amazing blogger who is guest posting for me today to keep things alive here on the blog!

Thanks so much Kate! Your the best!

Hi, I'm Kate- I blog over at Life as I know it. I'm a wife and a stay at home mama of three!

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I'm really excited to help out Krystle because I think she's great! If I ever make my way back east maybe I'll finally get to meet her! So thanks for letting me fill in for you Krystle!

Summer time is fast approaching and because it's my all time favorite season I have to make a fun list of things to do with the family! Today I wanted to share my top 10 with you, but feel free to check HERE for the full list.

1. Go to and swim in the ocean

2. Go to the Portland Zoo

3. Do the Dirty Dash

4. Lay in the sun... A LOT!

5. Have a water balloon fight

6. Make home made bubbles

7. Have lots of picnics

8. Tie a note to a balloon and send it off

9. Spend lots of time at the splash pad

Silverwood theme park
(Last years trip to Silverwood!)

I have a lot of things on my list and we've already started checking things off!

What are you looking forward to doing this summer?

Life as I know it


Jen said...

Great post! :) Love these ideas.