Monday, August 19, 2013

Lets be frank...

I am about to get real for a minute...
I love my life and the four amazing people that make me who I am. I'm finally happy with my self image (huge for a mom of three who gained way more weight then medically necessary for a healthy pregnancy)! 


But....(you knew that was coming didn't you!?)

There is stress. Whether it be bills or family drama (lots of that on the hubby's side) or how to entertain the kids, or what to make for dinner. There is always stress.

Lets start with the first one. Our health insurance SUCKS! The amount of money we owe out of pocket for Lucas is over whelming at times. A year later and $25-$50 a month we are slowly chipping away at it but it is stressful having that extra bill every month when we are a one income family!

Second, family drama! Ugh, this one is just more or less never going away. End of story! 

Third, entertaining kids is hard business! Next year we will do the beach later. June was a bit early because then we still had 2 full months of summer break. Thank goodness school starts in 2 weeks. This mama is R-E-A-D-Y, haha!

Fourth, DINNER time is my nemesis. Everyday around 3-4pm I get a text from Matt, "dinner!?"! Ahhhhhhh! I am so that mom that makes 3 different meals because the kids won't eat 85% of the things I make for Matt and I. Doesn't make me a bad mom per say but yes it is spoiling them. I pick my battles and that is one I am not going to fight every night.

These are obviously not the only stressful thing in life and a few are silly stresses I will admit to that but stressful in there own way. Then again when is life not stressful in some way!?

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Madeline Segura said...

I love this. I don't love that you have stress, that I have stress, or that anyone else does. But, I feel like blog posts like this help me to know that you are a real person like me. ha :) Thanks!

Tiffany Mitchell said...

As someone who is currently trapped in my own stress bubble I can't seem to pop, I can definitely sympathize with you. Especially the whole cooking different dinners thing. I used to fight it and just tell them they would eat what we eat but my 3 year old basically staged her own protest and went without eating dinner for two days. Some battles just aren't worth fighting with her. lol We have lots of family drama too from both sides so I understand that stress aa well. keep your head up! Hope things get better for you! :)

beckyj @ A Lazy Crazy Life said...

I totally hear you on the dinner thing. My kids aren't super picky, but we end up falling into a rut of the same old meals over and over again because I don't plan ahead and when I try to branch out, it usually fails. UGH. I dread the "dinner?" text that I or my hubby usually send to each other.

Jen said...

Ugh family drama is the worst!

Blair @ Baby for Scale said...

i hear you on the family drama. We stay as far away as we can, but it never goes away. Oh well! Makes you feel better about yourself and your family! ;)