Friday, August 16, 2013

You didn't know that!?!?

It's FRIDAY and time for you to learn something NEW about me!!! 



I absolutely, positively, and utterly LOVE LOVE LOVE music! I would rather sit and listen to music then watch TV or a movie. I am sitting here typing this and listening to iTunes. If I am stressed about something, music just relaxes me. Doesn't matter if it is fast, slow, country, pop or rock! I LOVE it all!

Oh and I like to play the music LOUD! Good thing we live in the woods, right!? haha

Here is a list of my current favorite songs....
Some of those are older songs I know but are still awesome songs! I have a BIG list of old old songs that I still love to listen too. Our wedding song is one of them (I Cross My Heart by George Strait). 
What are some of your favorite songs!? I am always looking for new music!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Kate said...

I love love love music too! Most of yours would be on my list too! But I'd add Treasure! Love me some Bruno Mars! And I'm really loving the Cruise remix too!

allison said...

I'd pick music over TV any day! You should check out the Panic! at the disco song I post today for #backthatazzup I cannot stop jamming out!

Jen said...

Music is so much better than TV!

Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

I love music, too! I like different types of music, depending on my mood. :)

Loving me some Blurred Lines and Robin Thicke. Rawwwr. ;)