Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Confessions - v18

It has been a LONG while since I have done Sunday Confessions so I am taking a page from my girl Mia's book and linking up some confessions! 

Here we go...

Confession #1
My hubby and I need a date night BAD! We have not had a date night, just the two of us, since our anniversary in January! I hate leaving Lucas even for a few hours but I think it is time we get some one on one time. Who wants to babysit...for FREE!? haha

Confession #2
I am so so so ready for the first day of school next Tuesday! I am not looking forward to getting up earlier then 9am but it will be nice to only have one little one to run errands with. I seem to put errands off now until the weekend or evening when Matt is home because taking 3 kids to 4 different stores is just no fun!

Confession #3
I get "lost" watching Lost. We started watching it a few weeks ago on Netflix and if I don't pay attention 100% while watching I get so confused. Anyone else watch this show!? Does it get easier to follow!?

Confession #4
As of today ALL my frozen breast milk is GONE! I am proud I EPed as long as I did because it got him to over a year old but it is super sad at the same time. He is still not taking a cup very well so we will continue to do whole organic milk in a bottle. He was a month early so I will give him at least until 14m to get the cup down and stop the bottle.

Confession #5
I looked like a hot mess walking through Target last night having to stop every 5-6 steps to pull my jeans up. Officially retiring my size 8 jeans! Love these kind of clothing problems, haha! #weightlossproblems

Happy Sunday everyone!


Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

Aww, go on that date night, lady! Always good to get some quality time together. :)

Yesss, keep watching Lost. It's amazing. All the little back stories and flash backs will make sense later, promise. They are setting stuff up for much later in the series. Lots of those things are connected, you just don't know it quiet yet. :)

melanie @nowaqueen said...

I agree with Mia, keep watching Lost! But do put your phone down, girl I know you have that phone in your hand when you watch tv!

Congrats on a new jean size! You are doing a fabulous job!