Thursday, October 24, 2013

IceCream Magic Review

About a month ago I was contacted and asked if I would be interested in doing a review on a product of my choice. They gave me a list of different products and I looked each one up. I chose the IceCream Magic because Logan and Abby had been asking for one for months. When it came (which was pretty fast) they were SUPER excited.

I was a bit skeptical of how well it would work, hence why I never would buy it for them, and just as I thought is was a complete FAIL! I think the concept is good but there was NO way it was making icecream in 3 mins like the pictures showed. After 10 minutes of shaking we got a milkshake consistency that Logan and Abby still enjoyed.

Here are some picture of us using it...

Some how I didn't get a picture of Abby shaking hers...bad mommy, haha!

So my overall opinion is that it fun for the kids but unless you want to shake it for a good 20 minutes straight you will only get to enjoy a milkshake type treat!


Haylee said...

If I remember correctly, my little brother had one of these and it didn't work so well. Sad. How awesome would it be if it worked correctly? I mean, ice cream in 3 minutes? Yes, please!