Tuesday, January 29, 2013

no make-up momma, say what?!

There is a point in time in your life as a parent that pretty hair and makeup become a past time. I love my children and would not trade them for the world but I do miss looking like a human. I have rosacea and without makeup it is, well lets just say I look a hot mess. I cut my hair a few weeks ago and I have come to the decision I HATE it. It is to short and because of that I wash it, put it up and call it a day. Oh and lets not even talk about shaving my legs. I am so glad I have a hubby that looks past all the messiness, or at least I think he does...j/k! haha

How to find time to make myself look human, is the question today. Well, I could be doing it instead of blogging while Lucas naps but then I miss out are all the awesome blog post out there and believe me sometime I have to go back pages just to catch up on what is happening out in blogger world.
True story right here!
 So my fellow bloggers and mommy's, how do you do it or do you?!


Kate said...

Just showering helps me. If I don't get a shower first thing before the kids are up then a lot of times it has to wait until nap time. I feel like a mess until then. But even getting out of my sweat pants makes me feel better! I try to just get up and get ready for the day as if I were going to a job outside of the house.