Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Confessions ~ v12

Time for some confessions...

Confession #1
I have the most amazing hubby ever! No, really I do...did you see these beautiful flowers he got me for our 10 year anniversary. Roses were our wedding flower and every year he gets me the amount of roses for how many years we are celebrating. I snagged a good one that's for sure!
Confession #2
The flu can kiss my ASS!! I mean really, my poor Lucas Parker has been sick for a week now and I feel like the flu bug is in him laughing at us because nothing we do will make it go away any faster. I just picture the Mucinex commercial with the gross looking "people" and see it just kicked back enjoying life inside my sweet boy. UGH!

Confession #3
I am beyond excited for the VA blogger meet up next weekend. Can't wait to meet and hang out with some awesome ladies. If you are in VA and want to come let me know and I will get you the info. Thanks to Mia and Erica for putting it together!

That's all I've got today...I have to get back to my sweet boy! Have a great week everyone!


Jen said...

SO excited for you to meet some fellow bloggers! :) It's such a fun experience.

Katrin said...

Such beautiful flowers! Aww...
And a blogger meet up sounds so amazing!

Nikkiana said...

Those roses are gorgeous!

Alyx said...

Oh, I bet you are going to have so much fun at that blogger meet up!! I'm dying to go to one, but it seems that I'm sort of stuck in the middle of nowhere where there really aren't too many bloggers! :)